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Pandemic Portfolio


Capturing the Goldfields story of 2020, this storybook is a snapshot of how life changed for everyday people.  Meet the Kalgoorlie-Boulder locals who took part in virtual live portrait sittings, sharing their personal experiences through candid chats as they were painted.   Full of colour, laughter, tears, and joy. The resilience of our people shines through to be preserved and shared with future generations.


I thrive on community engagement and capturing stories.  So when interactive community arts events were canceled… I felt compelled to capture the epic story that was unfolding around us.


During Pandemic Portfolio Portrait sitting video calls, friends, family, and the community were invited to drop in to say, ‘Hi’, just like they were wandering past a gritty, live street art performance. They listened in, asked questions, and simply hung out.

Subjects were chosen from a cross-section of our unique community to tell our story from an everyday perspective. 

These people star in the book:


Marcus McGuire
Amy Broughton
Nicholas Gooding
Stuart Fleming
Misty McGinley
Gobindpal Singh
Grant Wholey
Kelly George
Toni Keown
Lillian Grimm
Ivo Da Silva
Esther Roadnight
Melissa Randall-Taylor
Amy Astill
Jodie Mills
Laura Whitehead
Geraldine Acevedo Aliste
Tanya Kemp
David Holle
Stella Chinnery
Ali Kent
David Casotti
Paige Harring
Terrence Winner



You can support the project and artist by;

Purchasing a keepsake book available in:
Limited Edition Artist Signed Hard Cover

Soft Cover shipped anywhere in the world

Kindle via Amazon


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This has been a non-stop 12-month passion project.

I am extremely grateful for all of the support I have had along the way. 

Subjects volunteered their time and story.

Friends and fellow artists have helped mould many ideas.

Rotary Club of Boulder stepped in without hesitation to donate the LIVE  art materials.

Awesome Local sponsors also stepped up to help with print setup and event costs

with financial and in-kind donations. 

Thank You

Rotary Club of Boulder 

City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder

Goldfields Revitalise

Cystic Fibrosis Goldfields

KPCD.IT Solutions

MT Dance

The Sweet Spot WA

Black Crow Studios

Redcat Media

And  Generous Personal Donations

I have kept the book as affordable as possible so that it is accessible to everyone in our community.   


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