Evolution Nights Package - Small Endeavours series

Evolution Nights Package - Small Endeavours series

Welcome to Evolution Nights! 


We will be working as a team to develop a project from concept to completion. 


The first series is an introduction to Evolution Nights, we will be working on a small piece to meet the criteria for the upcoming GMAEG Small Endeavours Exhibition. 


The theme is 'Alice in Wonderland' and pieces must be smaller than A4 or 25cm cubed.  What a great challenge. 


Our timeframe for delivery is short, so we will be doing this in a brief 2 part series. 


Session 1: 11th  Feb  7.45 - 9.15pm - Brainstorming and exploring the theme, experimenting and developing ideas.  (teamwork)

Session 2: Feb 18th 7.45 - 9.15pm - Working on final pieces. 


Basic Studio consumables will be supplied.  I will help to guide you through techniques and mediums that may help to express your concept. 

You will have access to paper, drawing supplies, acrylic paint, ink, brushes, rollers, glues, sculpting materials etc. 

You may need to supply specific needs for your final piece, but this can be discussed as the project develops. 


Evolution Nights are limited to a maximum of 5 Participants ONLY. 

Because of this, I ask for prepayment to confirm that you will be attending the series of sessions. 




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