MINI TERM Art Exploration Term Enrollment
  • MINI TERM Art Exploration Term Enrollment

    MINI TERM!!! Street Art!

    Let's face it Term 4 get's wild!!! So we are having a mini-term. 

    Our focus this term will be community art.  An important industry for artists and our healthy and happy communities.  We will be working collaboratively to create a public art piece that will be open for viewing all summer long and into the future. 

    Classes will be on Week, 1, 3, and 5 so that you can enjoy the silly season festivities with ease. 


    $79 Junior/ $99  Senior Term Package includes 3 Classes.

    If you are a new, you will also need an Art Exploration Kit $20


    Returning #kbartexplorer Term Enrollment does not include an Art Exploration Kit.  Please bring the kit that you already have and be sure to replace any consumables that you have used up or lost. 


    Art Exploration Classes run fortnightly on Tuesday afternoons during WA school terms for children to adults.


    Classes limited to 12 participants
    ✨Junior classes 40 MIN: 7 - 12yo | 3.40 - 4.20pm
    ✨Senior classes 1HOUR: 13yrs to Adult | 4.30 - 5.30pm
    *Ages are a guide only and I am willing to negotiate exceptions on a case by case basis.


    You MUST bring your Art Exploration Kit to every class.

    It will include a Visual Diary, Art Folio and Artists Drawing supplies ($20)

    The kit is included in this starter term enrollment and will be waiting for you upon arrival.


    The email used to purchase this enrollment will receive booking details of each class for the coming term.  Please allow 48 hrs to receive all individual class details as this is a manual process. 


    Please contact me if marked Out of Stock so that I can discuss class availability. 


    Thanks for joining me, your day will sparkle with wonder ;)

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