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Mother Earth

The art of keeping her nose above water...



Every mother masters the skill of keeping her nose above water....
It's an incredible skill to keep going, keep giving and keep nurturing against all odds and our greatest mother of all is no exception. Mother Earth gifts us limitless power, beauty, wisdom, and life.... yet we push her to her limits each and every day. Isn't it long overdue for this challenge to end?
We all know that a loved goddess who's respected and cherished is able to give so much more.

It's time for a change... not just a little, but everything!

Join me to celebrate a revolution and the unrelenting beauty and power of Mother Earth!

Exhibition Opening Night
Black Crow Studios, 11 Boulder Rd, Kalgoorlie
Entertainment, Refreshments, Fun & Entertainment
Saturday 12th September
6.30 pm until late


Exhibition viewing 14th - 26th September at Black Crow Studios

Even if you are not in our beautiful Goldfields and not able to see her beauty in person, you can join in and follow along online.

and Right here on this page!!!

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