Pandemic Portfolio

Pandemic Portfolio captures the Goldfields story of 2020 via Virtual Live Portrait sittings of real-life locals, online on Houseparty. Our candid chats about COVID life as we painted will be preserved in a storybook.

I thrive on community engagement and capturing stories.  So when interactive community arts events were canceled… I felt compelled to capture the epic story that was unfolding around us.

I captured the Goldfields story of 2020 via Virtual Live Portrait sittings of real-life locals, online on Houseparty while having candid chats with her subjects about how pandemic life changed their world. Friends, family, and the community were invited to drop in to say, ‘Hi’, just like they were wandering past a gritty, live street art performance. They listened in, asked questions, and simply hung out.

Subjects were chosen from a cross-section of our unique community to tell our story from an everyday perspective. The portraits and stories collected from April to Dec 2020 will be produced into a storybook available in collector’s edition hardcover, affordable softcover, and kindle, ready for the final exhibition and book launch in March 2021, with copies donated to Goldfields Historical Society.

Pandemic Portfolio offered an opportunity to stay connected and enable the people of the Goldfields and their international connections to interactively participate in live art at a time when the traditional forms of community arts were taken from us.  It has also captured our story from a unique perspective with candid, real-life experiences shared by everyday people and will preserve it for future generations.


Book Launch

and Exhibition Opening Night

March 19, 2020

Black Crow Studios

Kalgoorlie, WA

and LIVE on Houseparty

This has been a non-stop 12-month project. The LIVE art funding received from Boulder Rotary Club was greatly appreciated to cover the cost of art materials. All other expenses, time, and volunteering subjects and supporters.

I am striving to keep the book as affordable as possible for our community to invest in as a great keepsake of our time.  So at this point that I ask for the support of the community to assist with the costs of capturing and preserving the artworks and stories into our 2020 Goldfields Story and to throw a serious book launch and exhibition party.  Where we get to meet everyone in the flesh and see all the subjects paired with their paintings because it’s time to make our 2021 arts experiences real and not virtual anymore.

Tax-Deductible Donations will fund the print setup, exhibition, and book launch event costs.

Please find out more about ny Australian Cultural Fund Approved project here:

If you would like to play a larger role in the project, I encourage you to contact me to discuss donations/sponsorship for particular expenses of the project or any donations above $200.  I would like to make sure we move forward in the most beneficial way for all parties involved.

Thank you for your interest and support of my project. as I work forward.

*Donations above $2.00 are Tax Deducitable.


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