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Pay it Forward

Invest in your community

Community arts, arts engagement and space activation

are my passion. 

We could all do with more of that. 

I regularly donate my artwork and time to our community and worldwide causes, and I will always continue to do this. 

But sometimes I need to say 'No', because I need time to allocate time to sustainable projects.


That makes me sad!  ​

So this is where you come in!


Untitled design.png

I would love to say YES to more community groups asking for donations and free or discounted event activities.


'Pay it Forward', allows you to value our arts industry and invest in our community.   

Community groups, schools, events, and individuals may be nominated or can apply to be the recipient of a Pay it Forward Arts Service. 

Services will still be provided at community discount rates. 

I will add $50 to the bucket every month, you can help me top it up....

Handy Donation Guide:

$50 - Contribute to the 'Pay it Forward' bucket.

$100 - Contribute to the 'Pay it Forward' bucket.
$150- 1hour Live Art Entertainment
$200 - 2 hours Live Art Entertainment
$300 - Mini Mural, 3 Hour Live Art Entertainment or small group Art Workshop (8ppl)

$500 - Community Mural, Live Art Event or 2 hour Art Workshop (30ppl)

$1000 - Community Mural, Large Live Art Event/Festival

You will receive a tax receipt for your purchase, or you are welcome to contact me if you need an invoice with a preferred desciption. 


Your Donation will go into the 'Pay it Forward' bucket until it is allocated to someone.  You will receive email updates about Pay it Forward allocations. 


They may sometimes remain anonymous. 


Do you know a worthy recipient or cause?

Thanks for submitting!, I will be in touch.

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