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 #KBArtwalk Photoshoot


You will be required to be available from 8.30am - 10.30am on Sunday 20th March 2022.

To participate you will be required to sign the model release agreement. You may read the full agreement at the link below.


This photoshoot has been funded by the Regional Arts WA - Cultural Tourism Accelerator Grants, Flash Marketing Campaign for the purpose of, promotion of Linda Rae’s, ‘Kalgoorlie-Boulder Street Art Walk’, tours through sponsored social media and printed materials to expand reach and awareness.

Images taken during the photoshoot will be the property of ‘the producer’.

Digital and print reproduction rights for business, marketing, portfolio and personal use will be granted to:

  • The Producer – Linda Rae

  • Regional Arts WA

  • The Photographer – Margaret Ellen Burns

  • The Models in each photograph

DONATION FOR SERVICES RENDERED: The model accepts a cash donation of $50 per person or family unit in appreciation for services rendered.  Payment will be made by bank deposit within 7 days of the photoshoot.

10 x Opportunities.

Thank you for supporting regional arts.


To capture effective marketing and meet funding requirements I need to capture the diversity of our community.  To do this I need to ask a few questions to make sure I have an inclusive model capture. Thank you for understanding. 

How do you identify?
What is your multicultural heritage?
Select all age brackets that best descibe you/your famiy.

Thank You!!! I will be in touch to arrange times and details via email. Please let me know if email communications are not ideal.

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